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October 28, 2021

Difference Between Marriage and Family Therapist vs Marriage Counseling?

A relationship isn’t always smooth sailing. Every married couple or family go through complicated issues. These issues would sometimes question yourself if this relationship is still worthwhile. When the situation gets too tough, it starts  affecting the family. A mediator in the form of a family therapist might help.  A licensed family therapist is trained to help clients who are dealing with various interpersonal issues.


Getting to Know a Marriage and Family Therapist



A marriage and family therapy deals with issues of individual family members. They provide psychotherapy to help families get over the difficult and life-challenging problems. They work to assess individual behaviors and how it affects relationships. A therapist may help couples get through their differences and deal with mental and emotional issues.

The focus of marriage and family therapy is solely for married couples and their families. A therapist may do individual sessions with each member to determine specific issues.


Difference Between Marriage Therapy and Counseling


The difference between “therapy” and “counseling” can be a point of confusion for clients seeking mental health treatment. Much of the confusion arises because licensed practitioners, clients, and the general public frequently use the words “therapy” and “counseling” interchangeably. They also use “therapist” and “counselor” the same way. But there is a key distinction to be aware of. In a mental health sense, “therapy” and “counseling” are largely synonymous. But in a professional sense, they are not.

Therapy is considered a type of mental health practice when specifically done by a professional counselor, clinical social worker or psychologist. However, therapy is not a profession; it is not possible to have a career as a therapist from a mental health perspective.

Counseling is a mental health profession. Someone who aspires to provide therapeutic treatments and counseling services can pursue a career in counseling.

Both marriage counselors and therapists need a master’s degree and two years of clinical experience supervised by a certified counselor or therapist. They must also pass a licensing examination that may vary depending on the state.


Why Therapy Matters


A marriage and family therapist can play a vital role in making a marriage work. It might be necessary to get the advice of a therapist if you are dealing with family conflicts and you think you need someone to mediate. A therapist can help a lot in giving a clear view of different emotional state and how it is affecting the relationship.

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